Thursday, November 18, 2010

Free Online Tutoring Offered

I came across this offer of free online tutoring from, a new service provider that looks exciting.

eAgeTutor.Com a premium online tutoring service, launched this week across the country. As part of its initial launch celebration, is offering a free one hour trial session for any interested student or parent. eAgeTutor provides high-quality, one-on-one tutoring to students in grades 4-12 grades as well as freshman level classes in math, English, and the sciences. As part of a staggered roll-out, eAgeTutor made available its homework-help services and SAT preparation programs. In the following weeks, it will also launch its diagnostic-based structured learning programs.

“It is an affordable, safe and convenient alternative to traditional tutoring,” says Chander Madan, CEO of eAgeTutor.Com.  “There is no driving to tutoring centers or having a stranger come into your home.”  He notes that eAgeTutor's services cost about half that of a traditional brick and mortar tutoring center.  

Madan is confident students and parents who use the service will love it. Students meet in a multimedia online classroom with their tutor where they can work on homework problems, prepare for upcoming tests, or work through an individualized learning program. They talk back and forth using a computer headset and no additional software purchase is required.

“eAgeTutor's homework-help service ensures students know how to do their homework rather than doing it for them,” says Kevin Ward, a reading and writing expert in New Orleans who has piloted the program. “If students haven't learned from their homework, we see if come test time.”

Research strongly supports the effectiveness on one-on-one learning, and a recent study commissioned by the US Department of Education supports that students learn faster in an online tutoring environment than in a tradition face-to-face environment. Using a team of world-class educators and educational consultants, eAgeTutor is using the more effective known approaches in tutoring in the online environment and looks forward to supporting student learning and success.

Students or parents interested in an  free trial can visit to register.  Math tutoring, English tutoring, science tutoring, and SAT preparation tutoring programs are available now.
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eAgeTutor.Com, ,is the eLearning service with a vision: to harness the latest generation of technologies to deliver education of the highest quality to the widest range of students at affordable prices. Using materials developed by highly qualified educators and leading content developers, a team of top-notch software experts, and a group of passionate educators, eAgeTutor provides individualized educational attention to students in a safe online environment. eAgeTutor eliminates the need for physical tutorial attendance while delivering guaranteed professional tutorials directly to motivated students. For more information, contact
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Has anyone tried it out?  Any feedback?  Please leave a comment if you have used this service!

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