Friday, January 28, 2011

TutorNext is TutorVista; Both Get F's from the BBB

Online Tutoring Review has discovered that TutorNext.Com appears to be run by, the online tutoring company that recently made news by being acquired by Pearson. It sounds like Pearson may have bought a lemon, at least if they are looking to deliver online tutoring—the Better Business Bureau recently gave TutorNext.Com a “F” saying it “targeted students.”

So far the BBB and the journalist reporting on the story have missed this fact. While speculating on where it is registered—its Whois listing places it in Canada while it appears the privacy management is based in the West Indies—this is what the TutorNext payment page says:

Your TutorNext Subscription will begin when you click Subscribe. Your card will be billed as subscription will automatically renew for as long as you remain a TutorNext subscriber. To cancel your subscription, please contact customer care before your renewal date.

We saw that the TutorVista and TutorNext Web sites looked almost exactly the same, and while the contact information is not the same, we did see that the payment page bills as TutorVista.Com, suggesting they are one and the same company. We also found out that the TutorNext founder, Anu Bhave, had joined TutorVista.

Little India reported in 2008: “TutorNext, started by Bhave, now with TutorVista, closed shop within a year for sheer lack of marketing funds.”

What we also discovered is the TutorVista itself has a "F"  rating with the BBB.

The following grid displays the number and responses to complaints to the BBB over the last 36 months:

No. of Cmpl
Type of Response
Making a full refund, as the consumer requested
Making a partial refund
Agreeing to perform according to their contract
Refusing to make an adjustment
Refuse to adjust, relying on terms of agreement

We'd like to know more from any readers who may have used TutorVista or TutorNext in the future.  We only hope that these companies (TutorVista being touted as the largest in the world) will stop their predatory marketing and charge practices and instead focus on the quality of their instructors and the education of our children.


  1. They're a scam. They don't help and I wonder if their tutors really hold a Master's Degree.

  2. No wonder why everyone wants to go to USA for higher education when their education system is just a failure.I need to find it out!

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