Wednesday, February 23, 2011 Launches Customized, Online Tutoring Service Launches Customized, Online Tutoring Service

LOS ANGELES--(BUSINESS WIRE) announced today the launch of its online tutoring offerings: individualized, live tutoring for both struggling and exceptional students. With three offerings—diagnostic-based eAge Excellence Programs with customized learning plans, eAge Homework Help for course assistance, and the eAge SAT Preparation Program, offers a suite of one-on-one online tutoring for students at half the cost of traditional tutoring centers. As part of its launch, is providing one hour of free tutoring for a limited time as well as a free diagnostic test, itself a $250 value.
eAgeTutor assembled a team of highly qualified American school teachers and university instructors, e-learning experts, and software developers to design their standards-based tests and teaching materials. The result is a high quality, highly effective learning program for students in grades four through twelve.
Kevin Ward, a Louisiana school teacher who piloted the program, spoke about the value of the service: “It identifies the fundamental skills that are affecting student performance, and then provides targeted, one-on-one instruction to address student needs.”
Chander Madan, CEO of eAgeTutor, explained the service. “After taking their initial diagnostic tests, students schedule a session with their tutor. They then meet in a fully secure, multimedia online classroom where the instructor can share learning materials, watch animations, see the student work out problems, and talk to each other.”
“With classrooms of 20 and 30 students, it can be really difficult for students who don't get it the first time,” explains Erin Bowling, a public school teacher in Kentucky. “They need one-on-one time that teachers don't have.”
Research shows that online tutoring is as or more effective than face-to-face tutoring, and one-on-one environments have been shown to be highly effective in promoting faster learning gains. And, as Madan points out, the tutoring is more convenient as well.
“Students can schedule sessions at anytime and access them anywhere an Internet connection is available, even on their iPhone, and all sessions are fully recorded. They can be reviewed by students and parents. There is no driving to learning centers or having strangers come into your home. It is easier, safer, and greener.”
To take advantage of the free tutoring and test offer, register online today at

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