Monday, February 7, 2011

New Jersey Online Tutoring Company

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New NJ Tutoring Service Solves Report Card Anxiety

With report cards being distributed the first week of February, parents will be able to gauge subjects that children are struggling in at school, and will recognize that assistance is needed to increase understanding and bring up grades., based in Red Bank, NJ, provides high quality, online educational tutoring services for students in elementary, middle and high school. Launched in May 2010, the company is staffed by a team of New Jersey state certified teachers who are trained in the Study Island curriculum, a web-based education system that meets specific education standards in all 50 states.
The company provides an affordable and convenient way for students to learn and enhance their grades in math, reading and writing from the comfort of their homes. schedules classes around the student’s availability. Each session is one-on-one with a student and teacher, interacting via audio, text chat and through an interactive whiteboard. The whiteboard replicates a classroom chalkboard that can be edited in real time by using the accompanying toolbar. Each tutoring session is approximately 50 minutes long and recommended one to two times per week.
All teachers are state certified and undergo a series of background checks for security purposes.

Cherith Matlosz, founder, and John Matlosz, CEO, of, developed the concept when struggling to balance the time it takes to drive their children to a traditional tutoring center with all of their extracurricular activities. John Matlosz has more than 25 years of experience in CEO and senior executive positions at various information technology firms. Matlosz’s conceptual basis for was born out of his extensive knowledge of technology enabled businesses and his experiences dealing with in-person tutors.
Lara Kraft serves as the vice president of education services, where she oversees all of the company’s education operations. Kraft has been in the education sector for more than 10 years.

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