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Skill Gap and Remedial Tutoring Missing From Online Market?

This press release from online tutoring provider eAgeTutor.Com does underline the fact that content free homework help rather than assessment-based skill-gap tutoring is the norm in the online tutoring environment.  Instead, remedial tutoring is more the norm for companies like Sylvan Learning and Kumon.  So far, however, an online leader in this environment has yet to emerge.  It is a difficult environment, however, as a recent report said most organizations devote 100 hours of content development work per instructional hour, making the development of such programs huge capital and resource investments.

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eAgeTutor offers a Different Type of Online Tutoring

eAgeTutor.Com offers a service unlike most online tutoring providers--diagnostic based skill gap tutoring and structured, individualized learning plans based on assessments developed by learning experts.

PRLog (Press Release)Apr 08, 2011 – Most online tutoring services offer a pretty standard routine.  You log in, ask the tutor your homework question, get the answer and leave.  eAgeTutor.Com stands out among online providers in that its focus isn't on homework answers, but skill mastery and learning.  Using a model more typical of traditional brick and mortar tutoring centers, eAgeTutor's flagship offering, its eAge Excellence Programs, are diagnostic-based skill gap tutoring—a proven approach but one largely absent from the online market.

“Homework help is simply a stop-gap solution to what is a much larger problem—that the student hasn't learned how to solve these problems on their own,” said Chander Madan, founder and CEO of eAgeTutor.Com.

Instead, eAgeTutor's online tutoring follows a very different approach.  After students or parents register on the Web site, they are asked to select and complete a comprehensive diagnostic test.  These tests, created by American school teachers, content developers and online learning experts, identify students' particular areas of strengths and weaknesses on an atomic level.  Based on students' areas of needs, an individualized learning program is then developed by academic counselors.  Students who complete the full learning program are guaranteed to demonstrate at least a grade level improvement.

Kevin Ward, former professor of education and language arts instructional expert, explained why this type of approach works.

“Learning builds on itself,” Ward explained.  “You have to learn the alphabet before you learn how to spell.  If students still haven't mastered one of these prerequisite skills, then they can't move on to master the more complex skills.  What that means practically is that if the student didn't learn what was taught three weeks ago, then he or she isn't going to understand what is being taught today.  One-on-one tutoring provides what a classroom cannot—individual instruction that directly addresses what the student does not know.”

After completing their diagnostic test and meeting with their academic counselor, students and parents or guardians embark on the journey of learning together with a tutor.  The student and tutor meet several times a week in a multimedia, online environment, speaking over their computer's microphone, working problems on a shared whiteboard or viewing lesson materials as diverse as problem sets to videos.  Parents have full access to view students' diagnostic tests, progress reports, and can even view all the tutoring sessions, each of which is recorded and saved within both the parents' and students' accounts.  These recorded sessions offer a valuable learning tool as well as providing an additional layer of security for students and tutors alike.

And while eAgeTutor does offer homework help, it does so with the same mind towards ethical, responsible tutoring.  “It is learning-driven, not answer driven.  It can frustrate students a little bit who are looking for easy answers, but it ensures come test time they can do the work themselves without someone feeding them the answers,”  explains Madan.  

eAgeTutor also isn't just for remediation.

Many of eAgeTutor's students are not using its services to catch up but rather to get ahead.  With the diagnostic tests, students can still identify the areas that they do not yet know and tutors can focus on those areas, helping students who might already be ahead of their classes and ensuring they stay engaged and challenged.

“Classes tend to move at the speed of the middle students, meaning too fast for some and too slow for others,” admits Ward.  “One-on-one instruction is really the only way to meet students where they are.”

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Using materials developed by highly qualified educators and leading content developers, top-notch software experts, and a group of passionate educators, eAgeTutor provides individualized educational attention to students in a safe online environment.


  1. I feel like it all boils down to keeping the students engaged and learning. Dumbing down curriculum is not the way to do it. So often the kids don't see the point in what they are learning. Education and learning needs to be meaningful. When students are performing at a remedial level, it can be for a variety of reasons. 1.) Not getting the support they need at home 2.) Gaps in skill sets are not detected right away 3.) The student is frustrated and doesn't know what to do to help themselves. Private tutoring is a great solution to this problem. Private tutors can assess the knowledge gaps, help students develop the study skills they need to succeed, and strengthen their knowledge/grasp of the subject. provides a free tutor search and a low cost trial class so that parents can determine if the tutor is a good fit for their child. To see more info please visit

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