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How to Get an Online Tutoring Job?

Online tutoring jobs can be rewarding, but you must meet academic, professional, and technical standards to qualify

Online tutoring is much like traditional tutoring only it is facilitated by two computers connected to the Internet.  While the same academic and teaching qualifications are required, there is also the need to be tech savvy and ready to learn new technologies.  Also, because the computer and Internet connect teacher and student, certain technical requirements must be met in order to use those technologies.

Online Tutor Employers

It really depends on what work you would like to do, your education background, where you are located, who you want to teach, and the compensation you want to receive. A large online tutor employers in India is There are other smaller online tutoring companies that will have similar pay structures and working times if you would prefer. In the United States, Tutor.Com and are the largest employers on online tutors.  A new player aims to be entirely mobile and work from your mobile phone is WiseChalk.  In terms of pay structure, see if there is a base pay, if you are paid more if you are assigned students or what to do in times students are not appearing or scheduled. Be sure you understand the pay structure so you can make an informed decision. You may also want to shop around and look at what different employers are offering. Look on job sites like or Monster Jobs to get some idea about what companies are looking for tutors.

There are also "tutor exchanges" where your pay may depend solely on your students--meaning, you only get paid if you get a student through the exchange. Generally, these are not as competitive or steadily remunerative. I've known tutors to be signed up for years on some exchanges and never actually get connected to a student. However, newer platforms like WiseChalk promise pay of $20-40 per hour, making it one of the highest paying platforms.

There are also some organizations that employ internationally based tutors to tutor English for ESL students in China, Korea or elsewhere. Without a TEOFL or CELTA certification or equivalent, it can be hard for non-Western speakers of English to secure these positions, especially for East Asia.  However, some companies like Muntinlupa are Philippines-based tutoring companies.  The Philippines has emerged as an English teaching hub for East Asian students.

Online Tutoring Technical Requirements

No matter where you are, you will need a reliable, broadband Internet connection. We suggest nothing short of 256 kps connection. If teaching from India, you will also require a backup power source for your computer like a UPS to ensure you are not suddenly disconnected from the student in case of a power outage. A headset and microphone and possibly a digital writing table will round out your hardware requirements outside a dependable computer.

Of course, now, however, some platforms are aiming to be entirely mobile.  WiseChalk promises to work with only a 3G connection, and because it is developing apps for browsers, Android devices, and Apple devices, you can tutor from your smartphone or tablet as well as your PC.

Your computer ought to have at minimum 512mb of RAM, or 2gb if running Vista. Apple computers can be problematic, and some proprietary software tutoring companies use will not run on Apple operating systems. All Apples should have at least 2gb of RAM, however. You should also have, of course, an updated browser, a Word-compatible word processor, Adobe Reader, and an updated virus protection as sometimes you may be required to receive files from a student's computer. To protect your computer, these should be virus-scanned before opening.

Academic Qualifications for Online Teaching

Most tutoring companies have testing and application procedures that include knowledge tests, mock tutoring sessions, as well as verifying your identity and teaching credentials and certifications.  Tutoring companies require a Bachelors degree in the subject being taught, but many are insistent on at least a Masters degree and at least some teaching or tutoring experience online or offline. 

Therefore, if your spoken English (or the target language if for non-English speaking students) is clear and correct, you can pass a subject test that verifies your theoretical knowledge of the subject, have documented teaching experience and academic credentials, can use the technology to teach in a learning-centered way, then applying to an online tutoring company is probably the best way to go as it sounds like you are well qualified!

See our Online Tutoring Jobs page to see companies that are currently hiring, and contact us if you are hiring or know a company that who is!


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