Sunday, June 5, 2011

MasterMind Prep Introduces “Next-Generation” Live Online Tutoring

Students at MasterMind Prep learn in the convenience of home with Live Online Tutoring. They get plenty of personal attention and mastery learning in real time from live tutors using video web conferencing on any computer, tablet or smartphone.

PRLog (Press Release) – May 31, 2011 – MasterMind Prep Learning Solutions has introduced “next-generation” Live Online Tutoring to help students anywhere in the world improve reading, math and SAT prep skills in the comfort of their own home. Students and tutors see, hear and learn together in real time using webcams, headsets and digital writing pads in a virtual classroom on a computer, tablet or smartphone.

“We think personal attention and feedback from a live tutor is critical to the learning process, and students tell us they feel like they are in the same room with the online tutor,” said Doug Haynes, founder and president of MasterMind Prep. “With the rise in gas prices and busyness of life, live online tutoring at home is also very convenient for families.”

Tutors at MasterMind Prep teach in interactive virtual classrooms powered by Cisco® WebEx® so they can share documents or web-based curriculum from their screen, work problems on a digital whiteboard, write or ask students to write on the screen, and get feedback by polling or instant chat. Students can learn on any computer, tablet or smartphone including iPad®, iPhone®, Android® and Blackberry®.

“We have blended the best offline mastery tutoring methods with the latest online learning technology,” Haynes said. “We can teach struggling students as young as kindergarten how to read with phonics individually or in small groups, something most online tutors can’t do. We also teach math and SAT Prep to students of any age.”

Online learning is a rapidly growing trend. Last year, the U.S. Department of Education released a study showing online students perform better than those in traditional classrooms. Harvard’s Clayton Christensen predicts that half of all high school courses will be taken online within a decade. Other research shows that students taught live by video webcam experience the same gains as students taught by offline tutoring.

Other features of MasterMind Prep’s live online tutoring include adaptive online diagnostic assessments to determine individual strengths and weaknesses; structured lessons with research-based curriculum; a learning management system so students can communicate with instructors, practice between sessions and watch recordings of previous lessons; interactive and adaptive learning exercises and more.

MasterMind Prep offers three online tutoring plans: small-group classes of up to five students starting at $27 per hour with a $100 summer discount, private tutoring and self-paced learning. Minimum technology requirements include a high-speed Internet connection, webcam, headset and digital writing tablet (for math students only).

Based in North Carolina, MasterMind Prep has taught thousands of students in schools, homes and other locations since 2002. Now, it has adapted its proven, research-based mastery learning approach to live online tutoring. MasterMind Prep’s students average gains of approximately one grade level in reading or math within 24 hours of instruction.

See video demos of MasterMind Prep’s Live Online Live Online Math Tutoring, Live Online Reading Tutoring and Live Online SAT Prep at, or

For more information about MasterMind Prep and its live online tutoring, contact Carrie Lenzen, director of admissions, or Doug Haynes, president, at 866.294.PREP (7737) or visit

Cisco, WebEx, iPad, iPod, Android and Blackberry are registered trademarks of their respective companies, which are not associated with nor endorse MasterMind Prep.

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About MasterMind Prep: The company provides live online tutoring in reading, math and SAT prep using interactive video web conferencing for students of all ages anywhere in the world (


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